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In the realm of our hearts, we dream success, we dream of happiness, and we dream for love. We all have a hidden passion for something and there is something we all strive for. Sometimes we need encouragement and direction on our journeys. Sometimes we need someone to lend of us a helping hand in the midst of our trails. It could be by a simple hello or even a hug and maybe even a touching poem that surges the heart with ecstasy. Words are powerful tools indeed that can destroy and uplift. Life and Death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat the fruit of its benefits. Eternal Dreams will never fade as long as their is someone that still believes. The dream of an angelic warrior will never fade. Put God first and you will excel no matter what! Your dreams will turn into reality and all that you do will become blessed by his hands. May love and peace soothe your heart and the words of healing flow into your voice.These are the desires of my heart and soul. Enjoy and spread the love forever... God Bless!!!!!!!

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